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Unique “Compostable” & Sustainable Packaging For Your Creative Business.

Unique “Compostable” & Sustainable Packaging for Your Creative Business.

Compostable, sustainable and unique packaging for your handmade items?

You betcha.

In a world where our focus is shifted towards saving our environment, more and more entrepreneurs are using recycled, up cycled, sustainable, compostable and environmentally friendly packaging.

If you stop and think about the billions of pounds of waste that is incurred by packaging alone, you may think differently about how you can take part of the solution in your own business.

I was recently introduced to a website called  www.noissue.co  This company uses sustainable, eco-friendly and even compostable material in their products. 

The super cool black and pink packaging completely caught my eye.  I mean seriously, check out how fun and unique this sustainable and compostable mailer is.  

As we all know, branding, packaging and “first impression” are critical. Being the “purple cow”  in todays crowded marketplace gives your brand an upper hand in world of “the new normal” where almost everyone across the globe is shopping online and receiving packages in the mail.  

Noissue was founded to provide makers, brands and businesses of all sizes access to custom, sustainable packaging.  They have low minimums and you can customize your products online.

I also ordered stickers to match my branding for my Etsy shop-Beaded Tassel Co.  

The process was super easy.  

I simply uploaded my logo on their website and ordered the correct dimensions.  

The art department even reached out to me to correct the pixel size.  They actually corrected the mistake for me. #thatsgoodcustomerservice. Here’s how the sticker turned out.

My sticker

I actually was so impressed with the company, the customer service and the products, I recorded a YouTube video with my review. You can watch it here.

As an owner of multiple Etsy shops, I’m always looking for ways to “wow” my customers and I think this mailer definitely makes a statement.  What do you think?

Are you ready to take your packing to a new level while saving the environment at the same time?

*This blog post contains affiliate links which may results in a small referral commission at no additional cost to you.



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