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Hello and welcome to my business and lifestyle blog!  I created this blog because I LOVE everything about business.  Particularly, helping creators with their online businesses.  

My name is Stephanie Smith AKA Business Chic Mama.  I coined this name because it shares 3 of my passions; Business, fashion design and of course being a mom.  

My business venture started out after graduating with a B.S in accounting from The University of South Florida.   Before I even graduated, I was working for a CPA firm and thought to myself  “what am I doing here”?  I felt as if something wasn’t right.  Although I was “good” at balancing numbers, I wasn’t really passionate about it.  After I graduated, I knew that this was not the path I wanted to take.  I took on a job as an assistant buyer for a major department store chain and felt much more connected to this line of work.

After several years of being in the “buying” world, I still felt as if this was not my true calling.  It was then when I decided to go back to school to get my degree in Fashion Design.  After completing my degree, a whole new world opened up and my journey as a fashion designer started.

My journey, like all other journeys was full of twists, turns and even pits.  I opened my first clothing boutique and clothing line OH MY BOD® not knowing a single thing about the business when I was 28 years old.  I learned through my mistakes mostly with ALOT of hard work and determination.

Fast forward to now, with the new “digital age” I’m completely obsessed with growing online businesses and helping my students open their creative online businesses.



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