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Etsy Shop Case Study-Starting A Brand New Shop From Zero

Etsy Shop Case Study-Starting a Brand New Shop from Zero


Etsy Case Study-Starting a Brand New Shop From scratch.

Before we get into the study, I’m Stephanie (heyyyy) and if you aren’t familiar with my story, I’ve achieved the status of top 1% Etsy seller according to Erank.com with my shop Beaded Tassel Co.  

My revenue is over $200,000.00 and I’ve been coaching other students to start and grow their own Etsy shops.

But this post is not about my story, but one of my students…

Meet Sheila.

A wife and mother of four, yes four children.  She works full time from home as an accountant.  She is b-u-s-y.

Despite her full schedule, Sheila was driven to start a side-hustle.  She wanted to start an Etsy shop, but time was NOT on her side.  

Sheila decided to invest in the Beta launch of EASY AS P.I.E. workshop and we kicked it off with session I on October 13th.

The Easy As P.I.E. Workshop in a nutshell is where ANYONE can open a Zero risk Etsy shop in 7 days or less with ZERO knowledge, ZERO inventory to carry and ZERO products to ship. 

Watch the FREE training on how she did it here.

P.I.E. is the acronym for Passive Income Etsy Shop. (wink, wink).

Yep, you heard me right.  An Etsy shop with physical or digital products but Zero inventory to store?  Sounds too good to be true right?

Well, this business model almost should be illegal, because once you get the groundwork laid, your shop basically runs on autopilot.

The system itself runs on autopilot, but in order to be successful you MUST find a good niche, work on your shop regularly by adding and testing new products, marketing your shop and connecting with your customers.

Oh yeah, and this process is totally Etsy approved.

But I’m not here to tell you about the process, I’m here to give you Sheila’s case study.

It all started with the beta…

The beta workshop officially opened on October 13th and we had a nice intimate group of 13,  Sheila being one of them. 

The workshop is laser focused with 5 hours of “no fluff” training  (3 separate trainings spaced 7 days apart each).

Some of my students Etsy shops were up and running with sales under their belt in just a few weeks (including my own brand new shop).

The way I teach this workshop is literally from ground zero.  When she started the workshop, Sheila and all of my other students started from zero as well (didn’t even have a product or niche).

The first session is alllll about laying a good foundation and doing niche research.

She picked a niche that she loved and her daughters are very involved with which is cheerleading, dance and gymnastics.

You can visit her shop “Dance,Flip,Cheer” on Etsy here.

Here’s a post from our Private Accountability and support group.


As you can see, despite what was thrown at her that week, Sheila made her first step which is sometimes the hardest.  THANKS TO OUR AWESOME SUPPORT GROUP!

Fast forward 10 days later with only 20 items in her shop…this is Sheilia’s post.  She was the first one in our group to make their very first sale.  

Remember, Sheila doesn’t physically have to ship these products herself.

Sometimes, when your niche and products are spot on, you can make your first sale within a few weeks.  However, many times that first sale may not happen for a while.  

This is why I like to be completely transparent about the journey and not to expect too much in the beginning where you are laying the foundation.

I went from nothing, not even an idea, to a fully functioning Etsy shop getting sales in less than a month.”~Sheilia K

Here’s another post from another group member who received her first organic sale.

So, for all of you skeptics out there, anything can be achieved with a strategic plan, support, expertise and ACCOUNTABLY.

The date that I’m writing this post is November 20th.  Sheila has approximately 18 sales to date, generating around $342.00 in gross sales.  Not to shabby for a very part time effort (hello supermom) in around 4 weeks.

The cool thing about Sheilia’s shop is that this is only the beginning!

There is real POTENTIAL to grow this little side-hustle into a viable business.  She sees the potential because she’s already getting requests for custom orders!  

Her plan is to get through the Holidays and start adding more products while following the strategy to market her shop with an email list and Pinterest.

The workshop is great and Stephanie’s coaching is what separates this workshop from any other workshop or course.  I wouldn’t have not gotten as far as I have without her coaching.”~Sheilia K.

This makes me soooo proud knowing that what I’ve created can actually not only work, but can have the ability to impact other creator’s lives and families…This is why I love to what I do.

Oh, and yes, I’ll be documenting the brand new Etsy shop that I’m building with these students as well, stay tuned for my own case study.


Are you ready to launch your own Etsy shop and be featured as my next success story?

Watch the FREE training on how she did it here.

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 Etsy case study from scratch

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