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How To Find Pinterest Group Boards In Seconds

How to Find Pinterest Group Boards in Seconds

Have you ever tried to find group boards on Pinterest?  It can be a bit overwhelming but don’t worry, I’ve got a very helpful “Pinterest Hack” that will help you located group boards in your desired niche in seconds.

First,  log into your Pinterest maid dashboard and click on “following”.  This will take you to all the people you follow.

how to find group boards on Pinterest fast to join

Click on Following in your menu

STEP #2  Find someone you follow that has a large following, related to your niche.  Most likely these are the profiles that also participate on group boards.

STEP #3  Click on that follower.  This will pull up that followers main dashboard.

STEP  #4  Click on that followers “Boards” tab.

This will take you to that specific followers Boards.  This is where the magic happens.

STEP #5  Scroll though their board.  You will notice that there may be gray (unfollow) or red (follow) boards.  (See picture below)

how to find Pinterest group boards

All of the gray “unfollow” buttons are their own boards that they created.  All of the red “follow” buttons may be group boards that THEY belong to. 

***Please note that not all accounts have both color buttons, you may need to search a few accounts to find some.

S EP #6  Click on any one of the Red “follow” boards and you will see that they most likely are group boards.  You may then decided which ones look appropriate for your style and niche.

STEP #7  Choose a board and see the requirements needed to join.  Usually this involves including an email in the description so you can ask for an invite.  If there is not an email listed for you to contact, move on to one that has one.

There you have it!  Your Pinterest Hack to find group boards easily!

How to find Pinterest group boards to join

How to find Pinterest Group Boards quickly




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