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The “Lazy” Way How To Grow Your Instagram Fast With Tons Of Engagement

The “Lazy” Way how to Grow Your Instagram Fast with Tons of Engagement

Did my title “The “Lazy” Way How to Grow Your Instagram Fast With Tons of Engagement” catch your attention?

First, let me clarify the way I am using the word lazy.  I am using the word lazy in this context; a way to Grow your Instagram without having to put a TON of energy into it.  We all know that time is very precious and when we are not leveraging our time effectively, we end up spinning our wheels and getting frustrated! So let’s dive right in!

Ahhh, The Power of Instagram.

It can take a seemly unknown blogger out the sea of “unknowns” and catapult them to new heights where no blogger has ever gone before.

A product can be taken from zero to hero in a matter of months.

Instagram’s power to influence, inspire and captivate an audience is in a league of its own and that’s why I chose to “go all in”.

Yep, I’m experiencing the thrilling ride of what Instagram has to offer, and I’ll take every second of it.

When Instagram debuted, I opened my very first account and experienced the rush of  “gaining my first few followers”, not knowing then what I know now about the power of an IG “tribe”.  It took several years to gain about 4000 followers back then.  Fast forward to today,  I am experiencing  that same growth, but in a matter of months, not years.

Let’s take a look at one of my new Instagram accounts with only about 24 posts.  

On this post I received 68 highly engaged comments and 1045 video views.

Instagram is harder than ever to gain loyal followers quickly.  So how did I break the Instagram code?  After analyzing many accounts, wondering how they could get such an enormous tribe, I formulated;

” 6 Different Ways an Instagram Account Grows”

  1. You are a public figure or celebrity, well-known in your industry where you don’t need to find your followers, they find you.
  2. It’s called workin’ that account every day tirelessly liking, commenting and following, waiting for the organic growth to happen.
  3. Purchasing followers.
  4. Time is spent spinning your wheels and  “collaborating” and connecting, joining groups and networking (not a bad thing, however).
  5. Automation.  You automate your account with an account manager.
how to get fast instagram followers

How to get fast Instagram followers

Any new account takes time to “season”, but I’ll admit that I’m a bit impatient.  Needless to say,  I needed my account to grow “like overnight”.

Just recently, when I opened my 2 new accounts @Businesschicmama and @stretchsack, I was staring at a blank page wondering which “strategy” to implement.  Because I am a busy entrepreneur and business owner, I knew the following;

  1. That my goal was to monetize my Instagram account quickly.
  2. I wanted loyal, engaged followers who would click on my links.
  3. Personally, there were not enough hours in a day for me to spend tons of time on growing my Instagram. Hence, “The Lazy way to grow your Instagram”.
  4. Commitment was king. I was willing to invest in my business to 10x my investment

But I also knew that;

  1. I obviously was not going to buy followers or likes.
  2. There were many “apps” I could use to automate my Instagram, but in the long run, they would be practically useless.  I would end up with a sea of spammy followers who would leave spammy content which would hurt my brand.
  3. If I wanted an audience, I needed to go get one!
  4. Time was of the essence!  I didn’t have the time to search for groups or network like crazy-my time is spent running several businesses.  That being said, I’m not saying that I’m not connecting with my audience, I just didn’t have time to go look for my audience.

In a nutshell- I wanted to grow my Instagram FAST, with a highly engaged audience.

How to get instagram followers fast

The power of Instagram


  • You can be fabulous with an amazing product or service, but if nobody knows about you…well, you get the picture.  
  • Time is money.  Every month that you are not gaining hundreds if not thousands of followers, you are losing out on market share.
  • Because Instagram is purely a visual platform, you must have a professional feed with rockin’ photos. With all of the free commercial use photo websites and planning apps, a professional looking account is right at your fingertips.
  • High engagement (likes AND comments) = social proof.  Why does this work?  Because we all have a little FOMO (fear of missing out) on something good!

That leads us to the “A” word.

AUTOMATION WITH AN ACCOUNT MANAGER.  Sounds easy right?  Well actually it was my savior!

And no we’re  not buying fake followers or likes….THAT strategy is complete waste of time and money. In fact, one of my mentors- Danielle Leslie, the creator of Course From Scratch, flat out tells us how she grew her Instagram account to now over 50,000 followers- you guessed right- by automating it with an account manager.   Yes, she’s off running her multi-million dollar a year business, not liking and commenting on her Instagram daily.


  1. Find a reputable individual or firm with only 4-5 star reviews.  Don’t waste your time or money on anything less.  A good reputation is what you need to look for first in an Instagram account management team.
  2. Discuss goals and different strategies upfront with your potential account manager.
  3. See if they can offer a trial period for their services or at least offer a month to month plan to see what type of results they can achieve.
  4. Don’t be afraid to negotiate a fair price for their services.  Therefore, shop around before you commit.
  5. If possible, try to find an account manager who is very knowledgeable in your niche.


  • GURU

More importantly, what do you do if you can’t afford a social media manager?  Here are a few simple tips to grow your Instagram for FREE.  However, remember this- it may take years to grow your social media going solo!

Here are 5 tips needed to Grow your Instagram for FREE

  1. You must know exactly who you are and what you want to accomplish on Instagram.  What story do you want to tell your followers and where do you want to direct them to after they click off your page.
  2. Create a beautiful feed which is both visually striking and mentally captivating. (nice pics and great content)
  3. Be strategic AND consistent in your posting.
  4. It is a must have a link on your bio. Direct your followers to a place where you want them to click on.
  5. Most importantly, Think about the importance to engage with your audience daily and provide great content.

Would you like me to share with you the account manager that I am using to product these crazy results?

Just for reading this far,  I’m going to give you my  5 DAY  INSTAGRAM GROWTH CHALLENGE (normally $99.00) for FREE! In this course I will share with you tips, strategies and tools to help grow your Instagram PLUS my personal SECRET WEAPON that I used to grow my Instagram from 0-3000 engaged followers in just 45 days


Growing your Instagram doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming, you just need to know the right tools on how to get you there!








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